Microsoft MVP Award Renewal 2013

There is a day of the year in which an MVP is “expiring” and in that day he hopes to receive the renewal notification email for this important professional recognition. The MVP Award Program is the way used by Microsoft to say “Thanks for your commitment”… thanks for sharing your technical knowledge with others, thanks for helping others in the worldwide technical communities.

Today is the expiration day of my MVP Award, but is also the renewal day because I have received the long awaited email “Congratulations 2013 Microsoft MVP!” I begin in this way my fourth year in the MVP Award Program for SQL Server. It is an honor for me to be part of this magic group of people that every day share their technical knowledge with others, with passion!

In the past, someone asked me “How can I becoming an MVP?” or “What did you do for becoming an MVP?” My answer was: “Learn a technology very well and keep the pace because it will change quickly; help others about using this technology, not for money but only for a Thanks and put passion in all of this!”. This is my point of view of the page Becoming an MVP.

Thanks very much to all of you; I will do my best to bring in a responsible way this great recognition!

Congrats to new MVPs and to all MVPs renewed: