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High Performance and Reliable SQL Server Cloud Backups with CloudBerry

As a SQL Server DBA we need to have backups onsite and offsite to protect our organization. We need a SQL Server offsite backup solution that will support all of the features in the environment, encrypt the backups, guarantee our backups are restorable and have a high performance restore process. Do you have any suggestions? Should we be considering options for SQL Server cloud backups?

Automate Tracking SQL Server Backup Times with PowerShell

We’ve looked our current schedule for DBA tasks, such as checking database integrity, re-indexing, and backing up databases, and found that it fails to match when the users access it. We’d like to create a schedule structure with conservative time estimates and begin with backing up, as some of our other processes occur before backing up databases. Is there a way to automate timing and tracking processes, such as backing up a database to adjust a schedule if necessary later, when the database grows or when access to it begins to change?

Script out all SQL Server Indexes in a Database using T-SQL

Sometimes as a DBA we need to generate a T-SQL script for dropping and creating indexes in our SQL Server databases. However, SQL Server Management Studio does not have an easy way via the wizard to complete these tasks all at the same time. In this tip, we look at a provide a script drop all SQL Server indexes and create all SQL Server indexes in a single SQL Server database.

Add a Date Range Dataset in SQL Server Reporting Services

A few years ago, I was working as a contractor for a Federal Government organization on the National Help Desk. It was my responsibility to build and maintain managerial statistical SQL Server Reporting Services reports. It would slow down my productivity each time I had to come up with a new date range as a default to be used in a new report. How can I manage dates in a consistent way in SQL Server Reporting Services?