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Line Split Issues when Copying Data from SQL Server to Excel

Some of our developers noticed an issue a few days after celebrating our successful SQL Server 2012 upgrade. When they run a query in SSMS and copy and paste the results to Excel, each row gets split into many rows in Excel instead of one row like it used to do. They immediately started blaming SQL Server 2012, because no other changes were made, why is this happening?

Options to Improve SQL Server Bulk Load Performance

As a DBA I am always looking for ways to improve performance. Bulk loading data while it seems like a pretty straightforward task does have some different options that can be implemented to both improve the speed at which data is loaded as well as decrease the total amount of resources used to perform the data load. This tip will look at a few of those options.

SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools

Being able to identify SQL Server performance issues at the drop of a hat is easier said than done. Without a means to collect and analyze the performance data it is difficult at best to understand and correct the items in a timely manner. SQL Server ships with a handful of tools to include Profiler, SysmonPerfmon and the Database Engine Tuning AdvisorIndex Tuning Wizard. Much of the time these tools meet the needs for manual collection and analysis, but what if you need to go beyond the tools that are available and to resolve a performance issue quickly?