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PASS Summit Attendance “Advice”

Wow, it is fall again, and in a large percentage of the minds of SQL Community members, that means that the PASS Summit is here again. I have been to all of the Summits save the first one, and honestly it has become one of the highlights of my nerd year. I have learned a tremendous amount about SQL, made a lot of real friends, and gained a taste for travelling over the years, something I never did before I started making the yearly journey to the summit. This year, I decided not to put in to speak,…(read more)

Why We Write #6-An Interview with Kevin Kline

Wow, so far in this series, I have interviewed some very good friends, and some truly excellent writers (and usually both), but today, following on the heels of Jason Strate , we are going to hit someone whose name is synonymous with community, a person who really needs no introduction. According to Bing, Kevin Kline ( @kekline ) is the most important Kevin Kline on Twitter (though it clearly could be due to my typical searches, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt… here try it yourself:…(read more)