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SQL Saturday Chicago (#291) – Clash of the Row Goals – Demos

Thank you to everyone who joined me today at SQL Saturday Chicago for my “Clash of the Row Goals” session. I’m honored that so many people would attend a talk with such an incredibly arcane title — and always glad to find a curious, interested, and intelligent audience. The demos I showed during the session are attached to this post. If you have any followup questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Enjoy!…(read more)

SQL Saturday Chicago…and the Gentle Art of Planscaping!

Three weeks from now I’ll be visiting Chicago to participate in SQL Saturday. I’ll offer two different learning opportunities: On Friday, April 25, you can join me for a full day seminar on parallelism and performance in SQL Server . This class covers in-depth background on the hows and whys behind SQL Server’s parallel processing, followed by an investigation of advanced techniques that you can use to improve performance of some queries by an order of magnitude or more. The class is filling up,…(read more)

Demos: SQL Saturday Boston (#262) – Clash of the Row Goals!

Thanks to everyone who joined me yesterday afternoon in Cambridge for my Clash of the Row Goals talk. It was great to receive such a welcome reception for a rather out there topic. Three things I should clarify for those who attended: The Many() function appeared to create an invalid estimate in one case; but that was due to auto-parameterization (which one of the attendees in the front row correctly called out at the time; but I’m not sure everyone heard her) Regarding the demo that failed at the…(read more)