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Reminder: If You Want to Vote in the PASS Board of Directors Election, You Have 6 Days…

Per Thomas LaRock’s post titled Board of Directors Election Update on the PASS Blog : All PASS members who have not yet received a ballot and who had an existing profile as of June 1, 2014, will be given the opportunity to receive a ballot by updating their profiles before October 5, 2014, at midnight PDT . On October 6 , we will pull an updated list of registered voters, filter for duplicates, and then on October 7 , we will send all newly registered voters a ballot.  All voting will end on…(read more)

Well Done, PASS Leadership

I am impressed with the response of PASS leadership to the controversy surrounding the 2014 Board of Directors election. Others have covered the topic much better than I will here, but a short version is PASS responded to the PASS Board 2013 election controversy (members with multiple email accounts receiving multiple ballots) by requiring members to identify a primary account / email address. The issue? Not everyone got the message. The initial response from PASS leadership was in line with previous…(read more)