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Geek City: More Hekaton Details

I apologize to all you folks who attended my Hekaton precon at the SQLPASS Summit last month, who have been eagerly awaiting my answers to some of the unanswered questions. I had got most of the answers sorted out, but I was waiting for one last reply, and put the whole list on the back burner. I just realized today it was now December, and I still hadn’t published this. So here it is, six questions that I didn’t completely answer during my talk, although for some of them I did make a guess. 1. Do…(read more)

Did You Know? My PASS Demo Scripts are Up (and other news)!

And so another PASS Summit passes into history. It was an awesome week, filled with old friends and new, and lots of superlative technical content! My Hekaton book was released just in time, and it was great seeing the excitement. Red Gate gave away all the copies they had, the bookstore sold all they had, and I gave away 20 in my sessions. There’s also a review of my book up already: My PASS Demo scripts…(read more)

Did You Know? My Hekaton Book is at the Publishers!

I am very excited to be able to report that my latest book is at the printers now, and should be ready in time for the PASS Summit! And since the last files were sent off to the publisher (Red Gate) last Friday, I could finally finish up the slides for my Pre-Conference Seminar, all about In-Memory OLTP. Check it out here: Although there will be some copies of the book at the Red Gate booth, along with many of their other wonderful…(read more)

Did You Know? I’ll be talking for a full day at the PASS Summit!

I’ll be speaking on my new favorite topic… Hekaton! (aka In-memory OLTP) I was delighted to have the chance to give a taste of the presentation for the the 24 Hours of PASS preview on September 9th. I was in Germany at my daughter’s house that day, so although my US audience heard me in the morning, for me, it was almost supper time. I am always impressed by the quality of the questions I get when giving online talks, and this was…(read more)

In-Memory OLTP Sample for SQL Server 2014 RTM

I have just found a very good resource about Hekaton (In-memory OLTP feature in the SQL Server 2014).

On the Codeplex site you can find the newest Hekaton samples –

The latest samples we have were related to the CTP2 version but the newest will work with the RTM version.

There are some issues fixed you might find if you tried to run the previous samples on the RTM version:

Update (Apr 28, 2014): Fixed an issue where the isolation level for sample stored procedures demonstrating integrity checks was too low. The transaction isolation level for the following stored procedures was updated: Sales.uspInsertSpecialOfferProductinmem, Sales.uspDeleteSpecialOfferinmem, Production.uspInsertProductinmem, and Production.uspDeleteProductinmem.


Geek City: The Hekaton Saga Continues, and some answers to questions

My Hekaton (aka In-memory OLTP) books is with the publisher. And I have no doubt they will do a much better job than my previous publisher did in bringing my SQL Server 2012 Internals Book into the light of day. My only regret is that my awesome Tech Editor, Benjamin Nevarez, who has been with me since my SQL Server 2008 Internals book, was not available for this book since he is now writing books of his own! But he recommended the person who tech edited his book and I’m pretty sure I can trust Ben’s…(read more)

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014

The release of the latest two versions of SQL Server (2008 R2 and 2012) has been accompanied by the publication of their respective eBooks. On April 2nd, a post on Microsoft Press Blog has announced the publication of the eBook Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014!


This eBook is divided in two parts; the first one is dedicated to Database Administration, here the authors describe the editions of SQL Server 2014, the characteristics of the new Engine In-Memory and how the transition from on-premises solutions to the Cloud is easy with added support for Hybrid environments. In the second part, the authors describe the components that support data analysis and what improvements have been done in related technologies such as Microsoft Excel 2013, Power BI for Office 365, HDInsight, and PolyBase.

The PDF version of the eBook is available, for free, here. In addiction you will find this book into the eBook section on Microsoft Virtual Academy home site.

Enjoy the book and thanks to authors Ross Mistry (@RossMistry) and Stacia Misner (@StaciaMisner).

Join Me on March 14 in Silicon Valley for a Full-Day of SQL Server Configuration Tuning Lessons

The secret ingredient in this full day seminar is using the benchmarking and load testing tools to visually see the performance impact of the various configuration choices that Kevin illustrates throughout the course….(read more)

Geek City: SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP (“Hekaton”) Whitepaper for CTP2

Last week at the PASS Summit in Charlotte, NC, the update of my whitepaper for CTP2 was released. The manager supervising the paper at Microsoft told me that David DeWitt himself said some very nice things about the technical quality of the paper, which was one of the most ego enhancing compliments I have ever gotten! Unfortunately, Dr. DeWitt said those things at his “After-the-keynote” session, not in the keynote that was recorded, so I only have my manager’s word for it. But I’ll take what I can…(read more)