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Some Thoughts on Event Speaker Selection

I write this from the perspective of experience. I’ve helped organize dozens of events over the past ten years. Feel free to take the parts of this advice that help and discard the parts that don’t. Enjoy! Planning an event is hard work. If you’ve never volunteered to help your local User Group or SQL Saturday, I encourage you to get involved. You will work hard and put a lot into it. But I promise you will get more out of it than you put in. Every organizer is free to organize their event in whatever…(read more)

Repost for 2014: Come to the PASS Summit

I originally posted this five years ago. It’s about my first PASS Summit ten years ago. I’ve made a couple edits and added some links. I hope it will encourage you to attend the PASS Summit 2014. :{> "What’s the big deal about the PASS Summit, Andy?" Allow me tell my story (again): "Hello. My name is Andy Leonard, and I am an accidental database professional." ("Hi Andy.") I jumped the fence from applications developer to database person in 2003. I thought I understood…(read more)

SQL Saturday 277–Richmond Precons Are 21 Mar 2014!

SQL Saturday #277 is going to be held 22 Mar 2014 in Richmond Virginia! There will be three day-long pre-conference sessions on Friday 21 Mar: Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Like a Pro by Robert L. Davis ( @sqlsoldier ) Murder They Wrote by Wayne Sheffield ( @DBAWayne ) and Jason Brimhall ( @sqlrnnr ) SSIS Design Patterns by me ( @AndyLeonard ) You can find details of the precons here and you can register here ! I hope to see you there. :{>…(read more)

Presenting Using Biml as a Design Patterns Engine to Midlands PASS 9 Jan 2014!

I am honored to present Using Biml as a Design Patterns Engine to the Midlands PASS Chapter Thursday 9 Jan 2014! Summary: Business Intelligence Markup Language provides a powerful solution for creating and managing SSIS Design Patterns. Andy Leonard, one of the authors of SSIS Design Patterns , demonstrates the flexibility of BIML in this session. Register here ! If you will be near Columbia, SC one week from Thursday and read this blog, stop by and introduce yourself. I’m the fat guy with a fu….(read more)

RichmondSQL Meeting Tonight! (12 Dec 2013) – Az Arunachalam on Extended Events

When: Thursday, December 12th, 2013, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Social Time starts at 6:00 PM! SQL Server Extended Events Microsoft is deprecating Trace and Profiler, a staple for monitoring SQL server since forever, in favor of Extended Events, introduced in SQL 2008. Monitoring of some of the new features like AlwaysOn Availability Groups in SQL 2012, and a lot of additional features/options that hitherto weren’t easily accessible with Trace and Profiler are only available through XEvents. Come see the…(read more)

SQL Saturday #277–Richmond Virginia: 22 Mar 2014

SQL Saturday #277 – Richmond Virginia will be held 22 Mar 2014. Last year’s event was awesome, thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, contributions of speakers, and participation of the RichmondSQL community! I expect this event to be equally (or more!) awesome. The call for speakers remains open until 21 Jan 2014 and some great sessions have been submitted ! I hope to see you there. Register today! :{>…(read more)

Great Advice (and Free!): DBA JumpStart

John Sansom ( Blog | @SqlBrit ) is committed to sharing “what I believe it takes to be an outstanding Data Professional.” To that end, John shepherded a book project called DBA JumpStart . The concept of the (free!) e-book is: “If you could give a DBA just one piece of advice, what would it be?” The list of contributing authors reads like a Who’s Who of SQL Server database professionals: Jonathan Allen, Jes Borland, Jason Brimhall, Denny Cherry, Robert L. Davis, Richard Douglas, Rob Farley, Argenis…(read more)

Presenting A Day of SSIS 2012 (Precon) at SQL Saturday Dallas

I am honored to present a day-long preconference before SQL Saturday 255 (Dallas) entitled A Day of SSIS 2012 . Please register here . I’m excited to visit the Dallas area! Here’s some information about the precon – I hope to see you there! Training Description A Day of SSIS was developed by Andy Leonard to train technology professionals in the fine art of using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to build data integration and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions. The training is focused around…(read more)

Presenting SSIS Design Patterns PostCon at SQLConnections!

I am honored to be delivering a day-long post-conference workshop at SQLConnections, focusing on SSIS Design Patterns . I’m also delivering sessions on: Using Biml as an SSIS Design Patterns Engine Hacking the SSIS 2012 Catalog “I See a Control Flow. Now What?” This year’s DevConnections conference includes an awesome array of presenters. If you’ve never attended DevConnections, it features presenters from several IT disciplines. The pace of the conference is also relaxed with plenty of time between…(read more)