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Mastering Execution Plan Analysis – Melbourne 6 Feb 2015

Over the years I have spent working with SQL Server, the personal time investment that has repaid itself more than any other is becoming intimately familiar with execution plans and how they can be used to diagnose and correct performance problems. There is nothing I enjoy more than talking about execution plans, the query optimizer, and how internals knowledge can be applied to solve real problems. Living in New Zealand, I don’t get to speak on this topic as often as I would like, primarily due…(read more)

Where do 100-Level Sessions belong at PASS?

Now that the PASS Summit 2014 is over, I remember having a hard time deciding which sessions to attend and can’t wait for the USB to arrive. This year, I was on the Program Committee for the first time ever. I would recommend the experience to all speakers or potential speakers at some point. I know with the explosion of SQL Saturday events that many more people have had to wrestle with how to choose content. The Program Committee has the main goal of selecting the content that will drive people…(read more)

SQL Saturday Dublin and Pre-Conference Seminars

One of my favorite events is just around the corner! It’s just a few days until SQL Saturday Dublin , Ireland’s largest SQL Server conference on the 19th/20th September, run as a community event by the SQL Ireland User Group. Have You Seen the Schedule? The schedule is complete with an amazing line up of speakers from around the world and you can download a copy HERE . Closer to the event we will be launching a mobile guidebook so you can plan your schedule on a mobile device. I’ll be doing my very…(read more)

SQL Intersection Conference, Las Vegas MGM Grand 10-13 November 2014

I am very pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the SQL Intersection conference in Las Vegas again this year. This time around, I am giving a full-day workshop, "Mastering SQL Server Execution Plan Analysis" as well as a two-part session, "Parallel Query Execution" during the main conference. The workshop is a pre-conference event, held on Sunday 9 November (straight after this year’s PASS Summit). Being on Sunday gives you the whole Monday off to recover and before the…(read more)

Looking Back at PASS Summit 2013 – Location

Now that it has been a few weeks since the Summit, I wanted to look back at the location “experiment”. Convention Center – It seemed to work well for the conference. There were quite a few areas in the area where you could sit down and get some work down or have a discussion. For the larger welcome reception the first night, I really liked the different areas. If you wanted to enjoy the Quiz Bowl, the ballroom area was set up nicely with big screens so that everyone could see and hear. The area right…(read more)