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Did You Know? My PASS Demo Scripts are Up (and other news)!

And so another PASS Summit passes into history. It was an awesome week, filled with old friends and new, and lots of superlative technical content! My Hekaton book was released just in time, and it was great seeing the excitement. Red Gate gave away all the copies they had, the bookstore sold all they had, and I gave away 20 in my sessions. There’s also a review of my book up already: My PASS Demo scripts…(read more)

SQL Server Hardware

From Red-Gate website you can download (for free) the ebook SQL Server Hardware written by Glenn Berry (@GlennAlanBerry).

This ebook will provide the fundamental knowledge and resources you need to make intelligent decisions about choice, and optimal installation and configuration, of SQL Server hardware, operating system and the SQL Server RDBMS. 

The full editorial review is available here.

This book cannot miss in your digital library! And obviously you can buy the paperback on Amazon.

Did You Know? It’s Anniversary Time Again

And it coincides with a new book of mine being published. So I decided I would give away some presents! Today marks 27 years that I have been working with SQL Server. On this day in 1987 I started working for the Sybase Corporation in Berkeley, California, and SQL Server has consumed by working life, ever since…. I still have quite a few copies of my SQL Server 2012 Internals book, plus all the copies of the new In-Memory OLTP book , so I’ll be giving away a couple of each. (Many more of the In-Memory…(read more)

Did You Know? My Hekaton Book is at the Publishers!

I am very excited to be able to report that my latest book is at the printers now, and should be ready in time for the PASS Summit! And since the last files were sent off to the publisher (Red Gate) last Friday, I could finally finish up the slides for my Pre-Conference Seminar, all about In-Memory OLTP. Check it out here: Although there will be some copies of the book at the Red Gate booth, along with many of their other wonderful…(read more)

Geek City: The Hekaton Saga Continues, and some answers to questions

My Hekaton (aka In-memory OLTP) books is with the publisher. And I have no doubt they will do a much better job than my previous publisher did in bringing my SQL Server 2012 Internals Book into the light of day. My only regret is that my awesome Tech Editor, Benjamin Nevarez, who has been with me since my SQL Server 2008 Internals book, was not available for this book since he is now writing books of his own! But he recommended the person who tech edited his book and I’m pretty sure I can trust Ben’s…(read more)

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014

The release of the latest two versions of SQL Server (2008 R2 and 2012) has been accompanied by the publication of their respective eBooks. On April 2nd, a post on Microsoft Press Blog has announced the publication of the eBook Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014!


This eBook is divided in two parts; the first one is dedicated to Database Administration, here the authors describe the editions of SQL Server 2014, the characteristics of the new Engine In-Memory and how the transition from on-premises solutions to the Cloud is easy with added support for Hybrid environments. In the second part, the authors describe the components that support data analysis and what improvements have been done in related technologies such as Microsoft Excel 2013, Power BI for Office 365, HDInsight, and PolyBase.

The PDF version of the eBook is available, for free, here. In addiction you will find this book into the eBook section on Microsoft Virtual Academy home site.

Enjoy the book and thanks to authors Ross Mistry (@RossMistry) and Stacia Misner (@StaciaMisner).

Hurry up! Buy one book and get one for free on Packt Publishing!

Packt Publishing wants to celebrate the release of their 2000th title with the great offer “Buy One, Get One Free” applied into their comprehensive catalog.

If you buy a book, of your choice, you will get another one for free. In addition, you will exploit this offer unlimitedly during the offer period.

I suggest you to take a look to available titles, you can risk to bring home two books at the ones price 🙂 in particular, I suggest you to look this categories:

Enjoy the books!

Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views

From Red-Gate website you can download (for free) the ebook Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views written by Louis Davidson (@drsql) and Tim Ford (@sqlagentman).

DMVs are objects that publish information about the health state of a SQL Server instance. They allow you to monitor the heart of the system to diagnose problems and measure performance. They represent a very good tool for DBAs and database Developer as well. Reading this book you will learn how to obtain information from the most frequently used DMVs in investigating query execution, index usage, session and transaction activity, disk I/O, and how SQL Server is using or abusing the operating system.

The editorial review is available here.

This book cannot miss in your digital library! And obviously you can buy the paperback on Amazon.

Review of the book SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Blueprints

Recently I had the opportunity to read the book SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Blueprints written by Marlon Ribunal and Mickey Stuewe and published by Packt Publishing.

First, I have to tell you that I am not a Reporting Services guy, I have much more knowledge on other topics such as Database Development, Performance Tuning, and so on. When I have heard about the opportunity to read this book I have thought it was a great opportunity to increase my knowledge on SQL Server Reporting Services, but the time is always short, so I needed a practical book that goes to the point quickly.

If I would describe you the book with only one adjective, absolutely I could tell you that this book is concrete and easy to read. There are many pictures in the book and the authors guide the reader, step-by-step, from the Definition of the Data Source for an SSRS Project up to the Reporting Services Best Practices and Transactional Replication topics.

The book covers all feature of SQL Server Reporting Services and provides you all information you need to start develop database reports with SSRS in a week. If you want to look inside the book you can download a sample chapter here and this is the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1: Let’s Breakdown the Numbers
  • Chapter 2: Making a Good Impression
  • Chapter 3: Getting Some Actions
  • Chapter 4: Everything Looks Better with Charts
  • Chapter 5: Location, Location, Locations!
  • Chapter 6: Let’s Get Analytical!
  • Chapter 7: Sir, We’re Ready to Deploy!
  • Chapter 8: Beyond the Horizon!
  • Appendix A: SSRS Best Practices
  • Appendix B: Transactional Replication for Reporting Services

My preferred chapters are the 2, 4 and 5.

This book cannot missing in your digital or physical library!