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A Business Analytics Webcast Extravaganza on January 30th

By guest blogger: Denise McInerney, PASS Board Director

24Hop DetailsPlease join our industry experts as they take to the virtual stage for 24 hours of business analytics online training on January 30.

I’ve recently taken over as the PASS Board Director in charge of 24 Hours of PASS and am thrilled to offer a business analytics version of this popular event—24 Hours of PASS has been a well-known and well-loved event within the SQL Server community.

So, if you’re a business analytics professional—business analysts, data scientists and BA practitioners—you’ll want to join us starting at 13:00 GMT (check out what time that is in your area) on January 30. We’ll broadcast 12 back-to-back webcasts and the final 12 hours of the event will showcase all the webcasts available for on-demand replay.

The best part? The webcasts are available at no cost to you thanks to our generous sponsors—Microsoft and TimeExtender. You will need to register in order to join and / or access the webcast replays.

Here are the business analytics experts who will be sharing their knowledge during the online event:

Paul Bradley  |  Wayne Winston  |  Jen Stirrup | Marc Reguera  |  Denny Lee  |  Andrew Brust  | Mark Whitehorn  |  Alberto Ferrari  |  Sean Boon  | Peter Myers  |  Stacia Misner  |  Jessica Moss

I’m looking forward to having as many business analytics professionals as possible join us for this great online event! Make sure you register today,

TWEET TO WIN! Learn about the #24hop Challenge and tweet for 24 chances to win a prize!

What’s Your Favorite Feature of SQL Server 2012?

PASS Summit in November was a perfect opportunity to catch up with SQL Server community members to ask them about their favorite features of SQL Server 2012. We caught up with many of them at a local restaurant and captured their responses in this video to kick off Quentin Clark’s keynote.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the favorite features named were exceedingly diverse, but there were some commonalities in the outcomes people were looking for.  These benefits included:

  • Reductions in application downtime
  • Improvements in database and application performance
  • Improvements in productivity
  • Costs savings
  • Empowering end-users with BI tools to improve decision making

So if any of these outcomes are critical to your next project, watch the full video above and see what features of SQL Server 2012 can help you achieve these aims.  And for those that are interested in the Business Intelligence benefits for your next project, you may want to hear more by attending the PASS Business Analytics Conference on April 10-12 in Chicago.  That would be a great opportunity to catch up and hear more about your favorite feature of SQL Server 2012!

Many of the customers featured in the video have already worked on published SQL Server 2012 customer stories.  You can find a complete list of these case studies at

David Hobbs-Mallyon, Senior Product Marketing Manager