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Kimberly Tripp is going to visit PLSSUG in January (online meeting)

Paul Randal has recently proposed that SQLSkills could give sessions on the user groups meetings. I emailed him immediately and – making the long story short – the PLSSUG (Polish SQL Server Users Group) will be hosting Kimberly Tripp on 29 th January at 6PM local time. Please visit the  community webpage 

Here are some details:

Stored Procedure Optimization

Presenter: Kimberly L. Tripp

Abstract: Kimberly will discuss stored procedure caching and the potential for
performance problems due to a problem known as parameter sniffing. There are
some common solutions and while they can drastically improve performance, they
can also cause other problems. Sometimes a hybrid solution is needs, from this
session, you’ll know the best way to write procedures so that stable requests
are cached and unstable requests are not (giving you the most optimal
performance without wasting resources).


Bio: Kimberly L. Tripp, President / Founder,

Kimberly has been a Microsoft
SQL Server MVP and a Microsoft Regional Director for over 10 years; she’s an
author, consultant, and top-rated speaker having spoken at PASS, TechEd,
SQLintersection, and numerous other events around the world. She has over 20
years of experience designing and tuning SQL Server solutions with a focus on
optimizing procedural code, indexing strategies, statistics, and partitioning.
When she’s not tuning SQL servers, she’s diving and photographing all sorts of
underwater critters such as frogfish with her husband, Paul S. Randal.

I hope that this is great news.

And I promise – this will not be the only meeting :).

More details will follow on the community webpage (as well as information how to participate in that meeting) –






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In The Cloud: Manually Migrating a Hyper-V VM to Azure

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SQL Saturday #356 Slovenia Registrations

SQL Saturday #356 Slovenia is practically full. OK, actually we have already reached the expected number of registrations (200). We have raised the number to 220, and we are close to that number as well. Therefore, we (the organizers, Matija, Mladen and me) need to ask all of you who are registered and already know that you will not be able to attend: please unregister and make room for those who would like to attend, but did not register yet. And you who would like to register, please do it as soon as possible, in order to get the confirmation immediately or to be at least at the top of the waiting list.

We would like to make an appeal to all of you who are registered: please come. Please remember that this conference was made possible because of the speakers, who are using their time and come on their own expenses to give you state of the art presentations, because of the sponsors, who are giving us and financing the venue, the food, the raffle awards, and more, and of course, because of many volunteers who spend their free time to help with the organization. We are also paying a fixed number of meals to the catering company; therefore, we would throw the money away for those who are registered and would not come. In short: all you need to do is to wake up, get out of bed, get into a good mood, and come to the event to get top presentations, good food and meet friends!

Thank you all!